It seems like a very easy question to answer yeah? But no it is not. I had posed this same question to two ladies just last week – both of them smart, beautiful and ambitious – but they gave very different answers.

Cheryl, the fair, chubby one, has just graduated from secondary school and is so passionate about studying law, nothing more, nothing less. And yes, she is more of the slay queen type but one with hot brains. She wrote her UTME (JAMB) and had a fair score of 243 and is currently preparing for post UTME to be admitted to the “Almighty UNILAG”. I recall when Jide, a mutual friend of ours, had told her she might just not get her preferred course; she almost strangled him to death. Thank God Jide lives to tell the story. Yes, that is how desperate she is about studying law and she would do anything to get the course.

I have had concerns about how desperate she is at studying law. Don’t get me wrong; I wish her the best and would be extremely happy if, no when, she gets the law course to study but what if? Just what if?

We know how this admission thing can turn a perfectly sane person into a mad (wo)man in less than two minutes. I would not even be able to see her depressed if she fails to get her course.

I can imagine one big man somewhere, who has the power to secure her admission or just throw her sanity in the trash can, asking her for excessive amounts of money; but truly we know what the obvious is for ladies – sex. What would she do?

I asked o. I don’t know how to close my mouth when it comes to such things, and yes, she was stunned; stunned that I had asked her such. Her facial expression changed suddenly like the reality of the possibility of such incidence happening had just dawned on her. She replied:

“Hell no! because of admission? I can’t please but wait o, is it not just once the man will get it and then I can move on with my course and life for the next five years?”

I laughed. Cheryl would do almost anything to get what she desires. I posed the same question to another friend Jasmine.

Jasmine is a staunch Christian and would not cheat, go against her standards or even hurt a fly. As expected, her reply was straight to the point – an absolute NO. Here’s the thing, Jasmine is a final year Optometrist who has just her project left to submit.

As early as 200L, a particular lecturer old enough to be her father had been pressurising her for physical intimacy. She had done everything she could to avoid him and for sometime, she did. Luck ran out on her when she was to work on her project and the same man was chosen as her Project Supervisor. 

In an institution where exposing such a man would cause other lecturers to deliberately fail one in the name of union solidarity and the right of the student is not protected, she allowed him touch her but just wouldn’t give in to sex. Being she has just this race to complete, I fear she might give in if she’s in such a dilemma.

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What would be your advice to them both? If you were faced with such hard choices, losing your virginity and standing the risk of contracting STD’s or worse and losing your admission and staying at home a whole extra year, which would you choose?


    • LOL. Seriously? Of course guys do only that it’s perceived as normal for guys to lose theirs while it’s like an abomination for girls to. Same guys who deflower other ladies will now be the ones wishing to marry virgins. Double standards.

  1. Keeping your virginity till marriage as a woman, makes you a priceless jewel. God says he will not tempt us with things he knows we cannot come out of. If I was the one in their shoes, I’ll cry out to my God, and surely he’ll make away of escape.

  2. Keeping ones pride should be paramount not like it determines who you are or something. It is just the normal thing to do irrespective of your faith or something as the article depicts. First thing the scriptures says seek the Kingdom first and every other thing would be added unto you. But I say seek the kingdom of certificate first and every other thing come by. I love this write up and would wanna be seeing more of this.
    VTM gang🙌

  3. Keep your pride God always has a way of helping his people.
    the easy thing to do, it seems is to give in but there are risks such as STDs, Pregnancy and even death attached to it. So hold on you don’t know where your miracle will come from. The heart of men is in God’s hands

  4. If at admission stage, you’re needing ur body to get in….. am sure by the end of the 5 year course, the lady must have turned into a sperm Bank.

    Here’s the solution to all admission seekers…..
    Be good.
    Have God

  5. Wow… Jasmine- I’d involve my parents and Jesus, and maybe make it a family affair where my parents will visit him in his office…he’d become a family friend lol…

    Slayqueen… Well its no biggie she can write jamb twice lol

  6. She should set d lecturer up….and involve the police…. So as he takes of his clothes.. They’ll barge in and catch him in the act.😤😤

    • Lol. That wouldn’t be a bad idea you know but I don’t think the lecturer would be so stupid to engage in such acts in his office on campus. He’d mostly choose a more conducive place to meet. Well, all the same, he could still be set up.

  7. Irrespective of religion or gender, you have every right to retain your virginity till whenever you’re ready. And nobody, nobody should squeeze it off you.

    From this read, Jasmine has set a standard for herself and the best she can do is to keep living it. There always comes a time when you’ll face challenges that will make you retreat but persistence is key!

    Cheryl has a thousand and one options other than giving up virginity. besides, as you said, she stands the chance of packing STDs and she might end up not getting admitted even after sex… double Wahala.

  8. Ehm… For the jasmine.. If she says she’s really a stench Christian then she knows best to leave it to God and trust him to make a way. Continue with the project and nothing would happen trust me.. For the other girl my advice is to erase the mentality of “its just once” because it would definitely graduate from there.. Everything boils down to trusting God for the admission and if need be for internal help.. Trust that know unnecessary demands would be made…. Bottom line.. “Talk to God about it”

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