Every week some newbie would-be bloggers or ‘online writers’ pop into my DMs or send me emails asking me if to start a blog. Don’t misunderstand me. It doesn’t exactly mean I’m the best blogger around, no; in fact, I just might be nowhere near the Top 100 bloggers that exist in my small community. It just shows how much more interest people are beginning to develop for creating online spaces for themselves. I don’t blame them anyways because everything is going online and you do not want to miss the opportunities blogging offers, so it’s perfectly normal to follow the trend.

But every time this happens, you know my answer all the time? “YES!” It might sound crazy considering the number of blogs that already exist and if you can even become so much of a big blogger to the extent that your blog features on bigger blogs or your pictures, articles or products and services litter the media.

Believe me, there are more blogs on the internet than you can ever imagine. When I mean more, I’m talking millions not just thousands! If you doubt me, then you can try asking Google how many blogs there are and maybe then you would believe. Yet, I keep telling people to open more blogs even before asking them why they really want to open one. Here’s why.



There are so many things you can do with a blog and there are so many more things your blog can do for you – it is a two-way thing. Depending on what niche you decide to take on and how serious you are with it, you can achieve a lot from blogging. I have highlighted some benefits below. To learn more about niches and the best to delve into, click here.

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  1. It helps you become more skillful

Yes, blogging is just a skill. It is something anyone can learn and handle effectively with conscious effort and time. Forget all those people who tell you that you cannot handle a blog. It is all lies; they only want to keep you from enjoying the benefits of blogs. Depending on what you do with your blog, such as writing articles or stories, photography, product reviews and more, you only get better.

You definitely want to keep your audience entertained all the time so you would only want to get better. This forces you to put in more time and effort into becoming a better version of yourself in your field of specialty. I even believe it is more advantageous for writers as it helps you want to write more, share your personal experiences and opinion on several subject matters and getting reactions from your readers. You generally become a better writer.


  1. It deepens your thinking

If you are the type that wants to improve – which I believe everyone is – in/on whatever you do, you just have to put, not just your heart but also, your mind to it. Think! How can I attract more readers to my blog? How can I create better content for my readers? How can I use my photography blog to influence the lives of others? How much money can I generate from my blog? If you happen to be a gossip blogger, then you wonder how you can entertain your audience more, how you can get those ear itching gossip faster than other bloggers, how to increase your customer base and more.

It essentially helps you think deeper and smarter too.


  1. It increases you level of awareness and creativity

If you are a blogger, you would have realized that prior to this time, there were certain things you never paid attention to; it’s like you never cared. Now, it seems as if almost any and every thing appeals to you so much that you want to blog about it. It could just be that small plant growing in the desert but you find so much about it to talk about – how cool it is to be where it is, the disadvantages, the advantages, why is should or shouldn’t be there etcetera. You just want to find meanings to things and develop a story around it.

This could also save your life in cases of emergency. You might spot danger before others do.


  1. It broadens your knowledge base

Yes, I learn every day. People do. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in your field  of expertise but you could learn so many other things such as the mistakes other bloggers make and how to avoid them, how to improve your blogging skills, the best content to have on your blog, the best plugins every blogger should have and more. Other times, you learn petty things others may be peculiar to just your blog such as the best times to schedule your posts, how to build your email list etc.

There is so much to learn. You can’t just learn enough. Utilize the learning opportunity blogging gives you! Knowledge is powerful.


  1. You can become a source of inspiration to others

I love to teach and inspire others. It gives me this sense of joy and responsibility. You just might never know how many more people look up to you. Have you ever asked yourself if you are actually a mentor to people who you may have never met? What kind of message do you pass across to them? What signals do you send?

Take your blogging serious as the lives of others may be dependent on it. And never be selfish with information that could benefit others; share it and someday, you will be glad you did.


  1. You become more disciplined

This is one beautiful aspect of blogging. It creates this corner for itself in your head regardless of where you are. You may not be a ‘full-time blogger’ but an occasional one; you could even be a student, a parent or a religious or political leader but every time you forget to post that experience or share your knowledge, your conscience judges you. Hence, you tend to put in more effort to ensure that you keep to your scheduled blogging time. If you do, congrats! If you are on your way there, do not give up. Just be more disciplined and focused.


  1. You open doors for yourself

Blogging can take to the next level of your life! There have testimonies of those that have been able to influence thousands of lives through their blogs, those who have earned millions and acquired property through blogging, those who have met other great people they never imagined they would meet. Many people even get invited to events to teach and mentor others!

The truth is you never know where your star would shine. Blogging might just be your lucky area. Even if you do not have any cogent reason to blog, like Nike, just do it! Do it as a hobby and that hobby could crown your effort with success.


Have you been convinced to start a blog, find out how and waste no more time! Open that door of opportunities for yourself today. Click here to learn step-by-step how to start a blog.

If you feel there are more reasons why you think people should start their own blogs, please share them in the comment box below.

One last thing please, if you have found this post enlightening, do not hesitate to share as someone else on your timeline, in your circle, might need the same dose of inspiration. Never hoard information.

Have a great day!


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