So I’ve thought a lot about what I’d call this article, but nothing seems to be coming to mind. It’s a lot like this emptiness I feel when I reflect on the state of things in our country.

Looking at the couple of events that made social media platforms go haywire in the past few weeks and you would notice a disturbing trend, which in all honesty has been and will continue to be the major problem we are facing in Nigeria.

From the lady with the hijab who refused to take it off during her call to bar ceremony, to the approval of 1 bilion naira to fight the boko haram insurgents by the Federal Executive Council, to the brouhaha or should I say love triangle between Chief Innocent Chukwuma (Innoson), Guaranteed Trust Bank and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), most Nigerians especially our twitter army were quick to jump on the ethnicity and religious bandwagon, most not even bothering to get the facts right.

The problem, my esteemed readers, is not in the issues above, but in the way we as a people choose to look at it. We are always quick to play the ethnicity/religious card and that is why we are not moving forward in this part of the world.

We are always quick to play the ethnicity/religious card and that is why we are not moving forward in this part of the world Click To Tweet

I was motivated to write this because considering the deplorable way in which things are being handled in the country,  the least we can do is point ourselves in the right direction and that begins with a change of the mindset. It’s plenty talk, but I’ll talk,  because it’s worth the shot I believe.

So that we can put things in focus, I’ve looked at China as a country and the asian continent as a whole, why are they doing far better than us currently? Or Malaysia, or Singapore etc. I’m not going to start off on how most of theses countries were once at par with us. Surely we have all heard the stories; I’m more interested in the realities of today, they are where they are and here we are.

I believe it goes a step beyond bad governance (which is incredibly alarming nowadays and will most likely be talked about in my next piece); I believe it’s our “free for all” nature that is “doing” us, and the fact that we like to take sides a lot.

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Imaging my Igbo brothers asking fellow Igbo brothers to withdraw all their funds from GTBank (I’m bringing this in just to put things in focus) on the basis that there is a percieved tribalisitc headhunt for their illustrious son. For a case that Dr innocent has already won at two levels of our ‘reputable judicial system’. But no ‘Nigerians’ will still take sides on ethnic and religious basis.  A case that is evidently business and law related. It baffles me to be honest.

The ‘for the common good’ mentality, that’s what we lack in this part of the world. No system is perfect, but it is people that make up this system, and the power of the people united for the common good is unstoppable. That’s the tool that these our percieved peers have tapped into and why they’re doing better than us.

The truth is that, if you pick the average Nigerian, he is not ready to see his fellow Nigierian prosper. The ‘bring others down‘ line of thinking is killing us, we need to realize that nigeira can only be changed by Nigerians. Nigerians are teeming with creativity, but is this being channeled for the proper use? Its not just about those in power anymore, it goes beyond them, it goes beyond if our president is an Igbo Muslim, or an Hausa Christian (yes you read that correctly).

This is a passionate appeal to the youths of Nigeria,  if Nigeria is still going to work,  we have to start seeing it as one Nigeria. We already have enough to deal with – a corrupt and incredibly incompetent government – but there is so much power we can wield when we come together and put aside our differences and speak with one voice. It’s a long shot but it’s definitely going to be worth it. I’m happy I’m writing again but I wish it could be on a more jovial topic. I am very passionate about achieving a Nigeria that can work so it is necessary to pour out my heart.

One thing that gladdens me now is that the youths are becoming more and more politically conscious, even if it is only on Twitter and Facebook, it’s a start, and a good one at that; maybe we can speak with one voice come 2019, or maybe 2023 but that’s a topic for another day. A politically conscious youth is definitely a step in the right direction.

I won’t leave you with a famous quote from a dead philosopher or anything like that but just this – in our pursuit to make Nigeria a better place,  we won’t stop.

“The sun will rise, and we will try again”.

Till the spark comes again… Sayonara!

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