There is nothing in this life that boys will not say to get a lady’s attention! We have heard the most ridiculous of things in the name of “toasting” and “pick-up lines”. Even my father will not deny that his days of being a teenager were even worse than now; those days when they would walk around with their baggy trousers and afro hairs, walk up to a lady and say “you tickle my fancy” then the lady will blush her life out. I am yet to understand why.

“You are the sugar in my tea”, “the butter in my bread”, ” the cockroach in my cupboard”, “the meat in my soup” and all bunch of things. “I will love you more than anyone in this world, pass my mama sef” is just one of the worst ones. Many ladies have definitely come across such kind of guys.

Worse is when the guy thinks every girl he sees is the one he can just walk up to without checking himself first; with terrible clothes, rough hair and maybe a terrible breath too, walk up and even try to hold her hand. I feel sad for what some ladies go through and how many boys showcase stupidity without even knowing it.

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Ladies, can you imagine someone calling you “the red oil to my yam”, “the ogiri in my soup” or “the ube for my corn”? I bet you will do the worst thing possible to him or her. This was exactly what I saw on my Twitter timeline when I logged in yesterday. I saw those exact same words but in a completely different context that made me laugh.

See the tweet:

I was amazed and burst out laughing. The picture is so beautiful yet so funny. I had to read the tweet again and further analyze it. Come to think of it, looking at the picture, you will agree with me that the husband is really “the ogiri in her soup” and the “ube for her corn”. This fits perfectly well in this situation.

So I asked myself, what if somehow, in some way, those were related to the true lines that this young man used to “toast” this lady; just what if? The lady is Swiss and speaks Ibo language a lot better than most of my friends ever have in their entire life! I was shocked to my bone marrow when I saw a video of the lady wishing her followers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in Igbo! See video below:

I was really happy to see how much effort she put into learning the language. She speaks and writes in Igbo. She is married to an Anambra man and has four beautiful kids. This lady had once shared her testimony of how she was told she would be unable to have kids as she suffered from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (POCS), a condition where there are multiple cysts in the ovary that disrupts the menstrual cycle and increases the difficulty in getting pregnant. I was extremely glad to read her testimony. She shared it to encourage women, and couples generally, who are yet to have kids to be hopeful.

A funny thought then popped into my head. Imagine a man walked up to you as a lady, calling you his “ube for his corn”, “ogiri in his soup” and “oil for his yam”, what would you do?

Ladies, what’s the funniest experience you’ve had with a guy trying to woo you?

Guys, what’s your dumbest line ever?

BTW, Happy 5-years Anniversary.


  1. So manyyyyy! Can’t even count. Weird. Someone said he likes the hair on my arm, it looks good. I was like, which hair? Was too creepy.

  2. I wasn’t trying to date her it was simply an honest compliment : Your eyes are so beautiful one could stare all day and eventually get lost in them

  3. Comment:oh my God… I can’t even count…Guys are so found of it; it’s just too much…Infact i can’t even tell which is the worst…. The last one that happened was someone telling me i walk very nice walk; like a model and he likes that…. And we are sitting down in a bus ohhh… I hadn’t stood up… he was d one who met me in d bus….so i had to ask him if he had seen me before…. how did he know i walk nice wen he was just entering d bus…only for him to to tell me my look tells him so

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