Science is life. Science is all there is to life because force multiplied by distance gives you work done – that’s basic physics; because whatever you do, wherever you go you need motivation, the pulse that quickens the blood in your veins, your force;

…and when you take things nice and easy , going slow and steady in the race of life, you will cover that distance; you will reach your goals, you will get the work done because opposites attract, they tell you in Physics class; because only when the rich liaise with the poor, and the wretched collaborate with the mighty, coming together in blissful union like Yin and Yang, only then can we have a great world, a beautiful planet. 

…because Sodium and Chlorine share an electrovalent bond to give Sodium Chloride, Chemistry says; because only when the rich give to the poor, true benevolence with no hint of malice and the strong support the weak, without hiding daggers behind a smile, only then can we all stand together,  the salt of the earth, giving everything we touch the sweet, lasting flavour of prosperity.

…because Hydrogen and Oxygen share a covalent bond to form water, everybody knows that; because only when you and I equal in strength and in dreams, stand tall and bold, shoulder to shoulder and eye to eye, sharing ideas and innovations and hopes for a great future, then we get stronger, forging a bond that courses through the veins of time like water never ending; a bond stronger than diamond and thicker than water itself,  a bond of blood, bond of family. 

…and we all sat through Math classes science2balancing endless equations but that is how the world should work, solving our problems simultaneously, never leaving one untended for the other. Crossing out our variables, the problems that mask our solutions, never giving up when the equation gets tricky and we bump into a dead end because X is infinity, a never ending obstacle in our paths.

Going back to the question, the drawing board, searching carefully for errors; that minus instead of a plus, that one vital person you cut off on a whim, keeping our prizes in sight at all times until we get them all right, one correct answer at a time.

…because my Physics  teacher taught me electric power is work done divided by the time taken; because only when you work, honest back bending labour, climbing, leaping, crawling step-by-step, never looking back, never looking down and working for a long time, maybe days, months, years or at least 10,000 hours until you can boldly claim expertise and knowledge, only then do you obtain true power – the power to influence, the power to motivate, to give electricity from your mere presence, to charge up other  people, to have someone say to you, “Because of you, I didn’t give up . 

…and because a body in circular motion has a force that keeps it in orbit, its centripetal force;

because we are all individual planets in orbit, rotating and revolving as we pursue our goals and dreams but we all need that force – that centripetal force that draws us back to the circle, to our core, to our roots.


When we lose focus and almost let go, a noose hanging before our eyes, a sharp knife clutched in our hands, a poisoned needle inches from our skin; when we go off on a tangent, straying from our circular path, the centrifugal force of the world and universe bearing heavy and drawing us away, we need friends, we need family, the people that keep us grounded; the ones that keep us in orbit, the ones that keep us going.

Science is life;

Science is all there is to life;

Science is my life.

What about yours? 


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