She saw you as a big brother,
She saw you as someone whose authority she was under,
She saw you as someone she could talk to in times of need,
As someone whose advise to which she can yield,


But you had an ulterior motive,
You had a wicked intention,
You started by giving her bad movies,
Just to pollute her poor innocent mind,
So you could carry out your evil plan
Ohhhhh!!!! You wicked soul…


Finally she got stuck to it
Cause you fed her every time with it
You’re happy cause phase one worked out well
Moving to phase two
You tried touching her
She declined, knowing it was wrong..


Few days later she came asking for help like a little sister will
You saw it as an opportunity to use her…
Telling her you would help her just if she agrees to your evil plan
She had no choice
She was caught in between a lion and a sea…
She decided to dive into the sea, hoping she will land safely at a shore somehow, somewhere…
Not knowing the great tides that awaits her
Tides that will change her life’s story and destiny…
… had her at the snap of your fingers..


You felt it was time to move further
Asking her for sex
She declined
She tried to use her intuition
But you told her it’s how people do it..
Warning her from the beginning that if she tells anyone they won’t believe her
They will punish her and call her names
Fear-grippen she couldn’t spill the beans


Then one night, you told her you needed her help
She came innocently
You began to touch her…
Feeling uncomfortable she tries to leave
Pulling her back while reaching for the door
You locked her in…
She tried to scream but you closed her mouth with yours
She tried to kick you held her down
Powerless she kept on begging you with the little strength and opportunity she has..
But your canal act took over your head


Your were deaf to her pleas
Your satisfaction was key
She begged but that weapon between your legs wanted a feel of her
She cried but all you wanted was to go in…
Finally you succeeded…
You succeeded in getting your few minutes satisfaction
Succeeded in breaking a young lady
Succeeded in ruining her life….


….weak,she laid there
Crying her heart out
Bedsheet stained with blood,
She laid there thinking where she had gone wrong


Somehow someway…she was exposed
You lied, blaming it all on her
Saying she came to you
She initiated the plan
They all believed you


She was punished
Disgraced…  Beaten
Helplessly she had no one to talk to
Now she’s all alone
Alone in thick darkness
Alone in a world of her own
Not knowing what life has in store for her next

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