Let’s be frank all right? Good. We’ve all done crazy things for love, let’s not deny it. When I mean, crazy, I mean absolutely crazy things you never thought you would in this life 😂. It mustn’t be the “romantic-boyfriend-girlfriend” kind of love; it could be a mother and son relationship but still, we have. I wish we can all own up to that.

You see, it’s absolutely beautiful to want to please those you love or those who love you; it could just be those you have a crush on or the other way round. One way or the other, we try to impress, and we could even do it up to the extent that we get drunk in the act and don’t even know what we’re doing anymore. See this paragraph above? That is the absolute summary of secondary school life.

My Lord, secondary school was life! I could just sit down, be reminiscing about things that happened then burst out laughing. If you ever happen to meet me during one of these moments, please don’t be scared. I’m not crazy. It’s just the stupid things boys did for girls that got me.

Come to think of it, a great number of us were kids in secondary and we didn’t even know it. I had the opportunity to meet some new guys at a surprise birthday lunch for our friend Tamilore, and it was absolutely amazing. I really had fun. So I’ll just drop a picture here for your consumption and continue with my story.

From far-end L – R, The Boss and BF Fikayo, birthday girl Tamilore, her best friend Sope, my humble self taking shots. Then the fine Tayo, tall Bafewa and funny Femi. Funmi was MIA.

So according to the gist we shared over lunch, there was this guy (fake name, Deji). Deji had wealthy parents who kept lots of money in the house. He had easy access to his mother’s room, and knowing the exact drawer where she kept the stacks of Cash, he had no problem whatsoever finding them.

Deji’s family also had a house help, Tina, living with them. He was the happening guy in school back then and had to live up to the expectations of many. Fam, Deji couldn’t fall his hand at any point in time, especially on special days such as Interhouse Sports Day. That’s when many people had to show off to impress the girls.

I remember back then, boys would wear their cleanest and brightest white-on-white uniform, with dry cleaned blazers. With sparkling black shoes and contraband phones and iPods, march into the school premises, bouncing all the way like the floor was an enemy.

The previous day, Deji had stolen nothing less than N70,000 from his mother’s stash. He was fully prepared to show everyone who Deji was, and yes, he succeeded. Deji spent money like it was raining from the skies. He made sure he bought something for every girl that came his way and for his few guys that followed him around like flies. It went down well for him and ended badly for his house help. You can guess already, she was sent packing. But after all the spending, no girl really fell for Deji. He lost after all.

Fast forward to five years later, Deji was already in the university and fell very ill. He was so sick that he was hospitalized and thought he would give up the ghost đŸ‘». This boy gathered the whole family, from the father to the last siblings and even his aunts and cousins that were around, and told them he had confessions to make. Oh yeah, he started from the N70,000 he stole in secondary school 😂. Well, he survived the illness but the memory of the confession must be terrible to live with.

I also had another friend that spent all his money back in secondary school on a Queen’s College girl during their inter-house sports and had to trek all the way from Yaba to Lagos Island. Any King’s College boy would know what it means to attend QC’s inter-house sports and not live up to expectation. Worse when you were a College Boy and a morale guy. My friend was both and had to live the life. The previous day, his dad had sent him some pocket-money for the month and the next day was QC’s inter-house sports. What a mistake! To cut the long story short, I couldn’t help but laugh my stomach out when I saw him moving like a walking dead, a zombie. He came back looking hungry, tired and sadly, fell sick few days later. I’m not a bad friend, 😂.

I also decided to scramble the web for some of the hilarious things (sensible and useless alike) that people have done for the sake of love. Some of them can be found below: (all comments below are public posts with permission to view)

  • Aggrey B.: Jumping into the pool to save her from drowning. It was when I landed in the pool that I remembered that I couldn’t swim as well. It was even another babe that saved the both of us.
  • Seun A.: I wanted to pay her a surprise visit not knowing she also was planning a surprise visit, I was at her house in Abeokuta when I called her phone and she was at my gate in Ibadan. I had to drive to Ibadan that night, and mosquitoes taught her legs a great lesson while she was outside waiting for my return.
  • Perpetual N: He was sick and I followed him to the hospital. The doctor said he had to stay for about 3days. I did not tell anybody. My parents went to the police station to complain to them that I was missing. Someone later told my parents that I was with a boy in the hospital… My mother collected koboko from our Neighbor then and visited me in the hospital. She flogged the hell out of me, innocent me. Till today, anywhere I see that guy, I will start running.
  • Frederick O.: My mum asked me to prepare our evening meal, so I did. After I finished cooking, I took some of the food and hid it because he had already called that he was famished. To my surprise, my mum had already taken the food from where I kept it. That day my mum beat the hell out of my life.
  • Nelson T.: I used my WAEC fees to buy her a new phone and I still helped to provide answers for her inside the exam hall till the end of WAEC; that’s how I ended up not writing my own
  • Olamiposi R.: I went to her father’s house to see her. Her father was a soldier. When I got to her house, her dad was not around and I was happy. She too was happy that I paid her a visit but suddenly her father knocked on the door. She asked me to hide inside the toilet, locked it and held the key. I did. Her father took her out to celebrate salah at her grandfather’s house. I stayed in the toilet for two days before she came back to release me. Since then I vowed never to love stupidly again.
  • Lovely T.: The money for my house rent in school was used to pay for my boyfriend’s school fees, I had to squat d whole semester even though we didn’t end up together I never regretted that act of love because today he has his masters and a good paying job so am happy I contributed to his success story.
  • Comr. Adam: She needed ice-cream that cost only N300 but I gave her N5000! I still dey wonder that kind of mumuness wey fall on me then
  • Cyril A.: Barely two weeks after I met her, she fell seriously sick and her parent couldn’t afford her hospital bill. I took her to the hospital with the little I had as initial deposit and the doctor commenced treatment. Two days later she got well and was very happy to see me. I sold the phone my elder sister bought for me from Spain to pay the fees but I did not tell her I sold my phone, not until the day she asked me about the phone I was using before she fell sick. I told her I sold it to discharge her from the hospital.
  • Oshio John: She visited and fell sick around 1 am at night. There was no bike or car so I had to carry her on my back for 4km before we got to the hospital and I donated my blood to her. I stayed in the hospital for a week without going to work. I resumed work the next week and I was sacked. Now, she has left me for another man.

What’s that one crazy thing you’ve done for love?



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