Share Your Story

Everyone has a story to tell because everyone has a life. Yes, regardless of what it is, your break-ups and make-ups, your motivating and inspiring story, your recent accomplishment or just that one experience you never imagined you would have, people want to hear your story.

Sometimes we go through problems in family life, school life or relationships and we do not even know where to seek help. You have just found one. We would keep your identity anonymous if you so desire; and for every story you share, you affect lives, teach lessons, learn new things and most of all, create a better world around you.

If your story is in line with any of the series run on the blog at any point in time, feel free to indicate it.

No matter what your story is, share! Our team of editors would fine tune them and do all that is necessary to ensure it is up to standard. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. Simply send us an email to or contact us through any of our social media platforms (@frandelablog on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and we would be glad to hear from you. Or you can use the form below:

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