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It would have been fun to be born in a different age; like  when you look around and you wonder how the world got to where it is. Or you see this old lady and you wonder what it would have been like to know her when she was a kid. Or you just really honestly think you belong to an older generation. Like this story I read on Wattpad of a girl who kept dying and coming back. That would have been really cool, minus the part where she died seven times on her 18th birthday.

Or how you tell people to do something and you turn and do the exact opposite of what you advised. You feel really smart doling out advice, sounding old and wise. So much that you begin to consider a career in counseling. You’re a natural. But then you come back to earth and suddenly you got a little issue of your own, along with a little amnesia. What advice?It would be so much easier to just wallow in misery.

Do you ever feel like you jinx something by saying it out loud? Like the minute you tell your friends you have a date you get stood up and you almost die of shame thinking about how to save face. Or you have an idea but you’re not so sure so you try to keep it on a low till it works out…. Just in case it doesn’t.

Do you ever watch an old movie and wonder where all the actors are now? Like when you see The Sound Of Music and there’s this grey haired man in it and judging by the age of the movie you figure he must have passed on quite a while ago. Or you wonder just how old the most little VonTrapp daughter is now and if she has any children of her own…. or grandchildren.

Do you ever get a thought that almost makes it? Like when it’s right there in your head and you’re musing over it but then your mother’s voice breaks in,going on about something you did (or didn’t do) and when you come back you can’t remember exactly what it was. Not where you stopped this time,what it was. But you can still feel its presence in some hidden recess of your brain, teasing you like a crab in hole.

Ever wondered about some types of laughter? It’s actually quite interesting to observe people and the way they laugh. It doesn’t really tell much about said person’s character-I’m not sure genetics has anything to do with laughter-but it’s quite interesting nonetheless. Like when you sit next to a dude at a comedy show and his laughter sounds like hiccups. Actual,multiple hiccups stringed together in a row and jangled together like tin cans. Or your classmate whose laughter sounds like a busy saw in the strong hands of the carpenter grating against sturdy wood, slightly unsettling but then soothing after the first few seconds. Or that man making a phone call on the bus that has that rich man laugh. You know, the kind that sounds like it comes from somewhere deep inside the belly. Rumbling and resounding, rich and hearty and not quite so loud. Kinda like a saxophone. The laughter of contentment.

Or you could get these memories that displace others. Like when you want to remember the lyrics to two old songs and the first one is quite clear in your mind, but the other is quite blurry and all you can decipher is the tune of the chorus. You keep pushing and turn all your attention towards the elusive one, carelessly leaving the more easily recollected one unguarded and boom! The second one comes to you, tune, lyrics and all. So basking in the glow of achievement, you reach for the first one so you can enjoy both in contentment. But its gone and now the second one is stuck in your head and you begin to wonder if it was worth the effort it took to remember in the first place.

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  1. Totally love the series, I enjoyed the earlier version (I think 3). Anyway, I did a cover.

    Moi Cover.
    Ever got stuck remembering a tune you know is too wacky to be sung aloud, but yet you can’t seem to stop, sorta like that jam in Spongebob that stayed longer than my seat partner’s gum under the table. Or wondered why the billions of billions of planets and galaxies with no apparent use for them, except the awe of its creator. Do you pass through days forgetting how you look only to be surprised by a picture someone took.

    Or wonder sometimes how fast the earth moves yet so slow to move time in Auto CAD class that honestly seems to last days. Why they’re soo many styles of writing, each with its unique aftertaste like the different memories of agbalumon that slaps you if you overindulge. If my favorite model now dead, was really how the books say they were or if it’s just a cover up to save face and honor a false memory.

    The vainness of trying to count teeth with your tongue only to be interrupted by the thought of having something to munch. The boredom—nay admiration that bore this piece writ, a result of a resplendent resonance with these streaked and striped pieces of Random Thoughts.

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