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Do you ever wonder where life takes you? Like 5 years from now 10? 30 years? You’d be surrounded by an entirely new set of people, people you couldn’t have pictured in the past, with a few old bonds that have weathered the storms of time. A little family of your own too. A life that has evolved and changed over the years. You wouldn’t realize it at first but one day you’d pause, look back and see just how far you’ve come.

Ever wondered what your kids would look like. Obviously you’d want them to be gorgeous, cute little angels. It would be amazing to look at someone and know they are a part of you. That invisible bond between IMG_20160730_154444a child and its’ parents. You look at your features in the mirror and wonder how they would look on someone else.

Ever been so hungry you couldn’t think straight? Like you could practically feel your senses slipping out of your control. Personally I think people are wrong when they regard love as the strongest emotion there is. Hunger, people, hunger! Its a unifying force that breaks all boundaries. Its right up there with death. Young, old, pretty, not so pretty, you feel it deep in your bones.

Ever started something you couldn’t finish? Like when you get a rush and then get excited and halfway through you run out of steam; Like when you see a wonderful story form in your mind and you rush for pen and paper (or your laptop) and then you get to this point and you don’t know if the girl should die or get married; or you hit on something one time and it was great and you’re scared to try again because you don’t think you can top it.

Has your imagination ever run away with you? Like you got so dreamy and glassy eyed over something and your mind traveled miles in a minute – like when you meet someone and you see kids and a great mansion already,then two minutes later you find out he’s so not your type. Or maybe a friend commended your pose in a picture. You could easily be a model she says, and yes now you see it too.You gracing the front cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. But hey, you’re short.

And you could see a man for a minute on a bus, a fleeting passing look and five hours of hustling and bustling on the road later, you’d still recognize him on the queue at the bank. Or it could be you noticed a girl in class six weeks ago,just a random face while your eyes wandered in a moment of boredom and then you still remembered her when she walked past you at the crowded cafeteria. Never forgetting a face, I wonder about that.

Or you just wonder how all these actors don’t laugh till they cry every time they hear “Cut”. Especially when they have to do something really corny like cry or all these touching heartbreaking scenes. I know I would.

Sometimes you think you should just enjoy your own company,you know. Those times when you want to bask in solitude and not really think of anything. Just empty your mind, like an artist’s blank canvas waiting for the fresh paint. Good music in your ears and a beautiful landscape to stare absently at. Just to do nothing.FB_IMG_1468822737949

Have you ever been obsessed by scents. Not nature’s scents, colognes and perfumes. Like when you walk past this girl and her perfume takes you straight back to junior school, the year the cute boy came for the vacation course. Or you sit next to a lady on a bus and you just know she’s wearing Chanel (the smart collection version), the one that reminds you of that holiday you spent at your sister’s. And everyday your nostrils are assailed by these familiar scents, evoking memories good and bad.

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