I had listened to Joel Osteen, my mentor, earlier this week and he changed my perception of the use of negative words – for the better. A large population of people actually use these words unconsciously – “I can’t”, “It’s not possible”, “How can?” and so on without knowing the ripple effect they exert on the waves of life that bring back negatives into their lives – the law of attraction. It’s true you might be going through challenges, struggles, bad times, like the recession currently being experienced in Nigeria, which certainly you can’t be happy about but did you know they are all God’s test to see our behaviours and actions towards such trying times?. One thing you should know in life is nothing happens to you; it happens for you’.

You should always learn to see the positive in those negative events. If you’re a victim of always being negative about challenges or issues and all you do is to say the words of your best friend – “I can’t”, “It’s not possible”, “How can?”, then definitely you cannot have good results come out of such situations until you become positive about them, believing that there’s a solution and you can overcome.

Truly, the first person that can help you is yourself. You need to believe in yourself that’s very important. Waking up every morning, speak words of success and prosperity into your life while reassuring yourself that all is and will be well. That’s what successful people do. Understand that only a person full of positivism at all times stands out of the crowd. When others have lost hope, be their source.

Believe in your positive thoughts. Start believing today that things are going to change for the better. Your best days are still in front of you. In all, put God first and things would surely get better. Let’s live a life of positivism.

Author: Uchella Ugochukwu



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