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Some prefer their websites classic, simple and minimalist.

Iyomonigho seeks to showcase her articles, poems and other literal works of hers on her website. We designed a simple website with her blog posts as home page, allowing readers focus on content with simple but amazing pictures to accompany them.


Iyomonigho website, owned by Iyomon Omonigho, also showcases her books which are either free for download or on sale at the left side of her website. On the right is a short bio with a link to her about page.

Iyomonigho launched her first book “Memoirs of Hall Two” and decided to put up for free download. So we thought to ourselves during the planning process, rather than give away such a precious book without anything in return, how about we build an email list at the same time? And this we did!


We built an email list of 800+ authentic emails in less than 8 days WITHOUT a budget for marketing!!!

The website is a very responsive one optimized for speed and ease of navigation on both desktops and mobile.