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A thoughtful process was put into developing this website taking into consideration potential consumer buying behaviour, users problems and ease of finding solution and ease of making payment via credit and debit cards or bank transfer. It has gone on to slowly and carefully redefine the business strategy of Unilodge NG.

Unilodge NG is a brand that helps students and new members of the University of Benin community find accommodation with ease, giving them consumer protection against overzealous/rogue agents and also helps in purchasing household items such as mattresses and kitchen utensils to improve living condition. All these can be done on the website.

It will interest you to know that we designed the initial frame work, making sure every aspect from speed to functionality and payment on the backend worked properly and we put it out to test. It was greatly accepted and saw traffic of an average of 1000 page views per day. We then decided it was time to feed the visitors with a more visually appealing website and we worked one very single page, step-by-step.

The University of Benin community has the following communities shown below surrounding the main campus. Therefore, they are highly concentrated with students of the university. It is only normal that every year, students graduate and leave the campus while new ones come in seeking places of comfort. Hence, we worked on search for accommodations by location as you can see below.


And how about users who view from mobile? We didn’t leave that out. We optimized the website for mobile also. Find pictures attached.

As a good marketing strategy and as a means of income for some others, we are incorporating an affiliate system where those who direct traffic to the site for others to take action, such as booking a slot for inspection, would earn rewards.