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“I For Don Blow But I Too Dey Press Phone” trended for many weeks on popular social media! It topped the trend table on Twitter for days and there was a lot of buzz surrounding this amazing book.

We knew the author, Hymar David, had to be rewarded for the time and effort put into creating such an awesome piece and relatable content so we did what every one ought to do – MONETIZE THAT TRAFFIC – for the author of course!

Guess how long it took us to get this beauty delivered. Two days? A week?  You’re wrong baby! 6 hours ONLY!

We created a beautiful one-paged website which is very responsive, fits perfectly on all devices – desktop, tablet and mobile, pleasing to the eyes and very easy to navigate! See how amazing the orange and white latches perfectly unto the black background. Surreal.

For mobile screens, we ensured that the view was amazing, the fonts were just right and the colours were the perfect fit. While doing this, at strategic points while scrolling, you would see the “Order button”. Yes, the main aim of this entire product was to make sales so for a win-win situation, we ensured that the buttons were scantily placed, but at strategic positions so as to make user experience top-notch while also converting to sales for the author.




The website was created for publicity and pre-order of book copies. Customers could easily pay for their copies using debit/credit cards, have their bio data and delivery locations collected easily on the website. Checkout as quick and seamless as can ever be!

Of course, people had good stuff to say about the book. We definitely didn’t leave out the reviews and recommendations.

And we definitely put a link of communication between customers and the author in case of inquiries, complaints, extra arrangements and more!