I lay on the bed awake staring at the ceiling. It was so quiet that the sound from the intermittent ticking of the clock hands could be detected by the sound recorder hung on the wall. The room was also very dark except for the faint rays of moonlight piercing through my gold and blue coloured curtains. I thought I saw a shadow draw up itself on the wall, growing larger and larger as the clock went tick-tock. My heartbeat became faster and my pulse began to rise. My breathing became harder and beads of sweat began forming on my body.
Worse still, there was power outage and the generator went out for lack of fuel. Even if there was, no one would dare to light a match at that time of the night for fear of attack. I clung to my pillow with my left hand and gripped the bed sheets with the other. Fear gripped me and then all of a sudden, the shadow vanished. I looked out the window and realized it was only the shadow of a huge cloud moving slowly across the moon like in Vampire movies. I heaved a sigh of relief. I thought the Evil men had employed another tactic of gaining entry into the village unnoticed.

I twisted and turned on the matrass for lack of sleep; and suddenly my eyes caught the drugs just directly under the rays of light from the moon – just what I needed at the moment. Without hesitation, I reached for them and gulped them down. They weren’t hard drugs, no, they were sleep inducers. Like magic, the drugs worked; I was finally able to catch some sleep.

It was almost day break when my inner fears manifested in the physical. I thought I was dreaming when I heard the noise from afar but no I wasn’t.

Ku yi gudu! Ku bar nan! Su na zuwa!” In English, “Run! Run! They’re coming!” It became louder and louder. I could hear it approaching from afar with footsteps stomping in my direction. There was chaos; confusion everywhere. Everyone scampered for safety where they thought was safe. Some ran off into the bushes while others took cover in the gutters.  Voices of women and children were heard, screaming in fear. Some men ran away too while others pulled out their weapons of various sizes to face the oncoming terror.

I couldn’t fathom what exactly was going on as I was just awakening from a deep slumber. The noise woke me up.  I began to hear the loud bangs and shots of bullets. Huge clouds of smoke filled the atmosphere. I was peering through my window all the while when a stray bullet hit the window pane. “Ye!” I exclaimed as sand particles entered my eye as a result of the collision between the bullet and the wall. I felt this terrible pain that I thought I had lost my sight. My fears were confirmed, the Evil men were around. I decided to exit the back door and take to my heels too as soon as I realized that houses and huts were being burnt down.

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