The University of Lagos. University of First Choice and the Nation’s Pride. Interesting place, more interesting people.

Let’s talk about, what I like to call, those Unilag ‘trends’, shall we?

So I kinda noticed something about the beautiful, beautiful girls (sorry, ladies) that abound within the four (maybe three, considering Lagoon Front)  walls of this hallowed institution.

Every now and then someone does something that someone else thinks is cool and duplicates (kinda like a handout for a 3 unit course) and then another someone duplicates the duplicate and on and on. Hence, a trend is born. Beautiful.

I learned the hard way. So rewind  to first semester. After 3 weeks of doing nothing but eating and watching sappy love stories, someone decided to go study. Exams were just one week away. Chai! Who fails their first ever examination in the unversity ? Definitely not me. So I set out oo, with the loaded bag, feeling fresh in my sneakers and vintage shirt. 10 minutes and I had passed six girls wearing slippers. I began to reconsider my beloved Converse. I got to my destination and it was like some goddess of Footwear Comfort was on the loose.

So this time, it’s the hair.

Three weeks to exams and almost all the girls I know and see are wearing corn rows. Regular “all back” (what we Yorubas like to call Kolese.. Hehehe)  without extensions, attachments (or any other effizy). Mother Nature at her best (or a side effect of the Recession. You have no idea how much those things cost!). It was beautiful. Let the black hair flourish! (I really wanted to say that. Lol)

Now let’s talk about them boys. Them fresh, fresh, frosh Unilag boys. For a while now, I’ve sensed some kind of Chris Brown tribute going on. If you’ve seen the video of “Loyal” then you’ll know what I’m talking about. You know, that shirt tied around the waist with his actual on-his-body t-shirt over the knot? Yup, that one. That style is all the rage these days.

And let’s not forget about the face caps. Gone is the era  of the snapback and the cool (sometimes, matching) varsity. Rip good ol’days. Now everybody’s rocking face caps. Actual face caps with the slightly curved brim. Any proper Akokite owns one (or two…maybe more ionno) of those, guys and chicas alike. It’s like an unofficial school uniform.

And while we’re on that subject, let’s say a lil’ something about clones.

Yup. Clones. You know how they say there are like 9 people in the world who look exactly like you? Well, one of the reasons I love Unilag is it’s a pretty small place with a lot of people, so you get to see a lot of new faces everyday, and I have  a personal (and slightly unhealthy) habit of observing faces. I’m looking for  those 9 people,at least one sha. So I could be reading at the library extension and I see a guy walk in. Oh, I know him, I think to myself. That’s Sope from Quantity Surveying… looks like him. 5 more steps, No, it’s Temii.. walks like him. A little closer then it’s neither of them. It’s some stranger. Always happens. Something in the face. The walk. The hair. Sometimes, I could think I’m seeing some old friend that should be in Ilorin, or Ibadan (or Hungary) and I’m momentarily shocked. I could be going crazy, but I still think it’s amazing. (Sometimes though, it’s the face caps. They make everyone look the same to me.)

On a slightly unrelated note, Unilag is the perfect place to run a campus edition of ‘Who Wore It Better?’. Imagine you coming out of your hostel feeling fly in your slaying outfit and before you reach your class, you jam like three people wearing the EXACT SAME THING, only better. That thing can kill morale ehn!

So sha, this Akokite is on break and looking for work o.

See ya!



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