Hey guysssss! Wow! It’s been forever! There’s so much dust everywhere here. Just see the cobwebs at the corners of the room. Even the door creaked as I opened it. The light bulb has gone out too. Is that how long I’ve been away? Lol. I know y’all missed me.

Mehn, to be frank with you, it hasn’t been easy o. Hmm… So manyyy things have happened in these few months I’ve been away. We have a lot to gossip about 😁 – from how I failed my first GMAT exam 😢, hostel accommodation 🏡 wahala, how I’ve finally learnt how to soak Garri and eat Fufu 😂 (thanks to my roommates Kelvin and Precious), how my course mates frustrated our Head of Department, my N400,000 Saving Goal 💰 which has not yet seen the light of day, and sadly, how we lost a First Class Engineering student who committed suicide. News is he was depressed; just like many of us are too.

There’s a lot we can learn from each other in the coming weeks. I look forward to every upcoming blog and the comments that will roll in. Special thanks to all my friends and readers who have been worried about my disappearance and have missed the blog posts! You guys keep motivating me. 😘

I don’t even know who or what to blame for my disappearance for that long! Could it be school work? Or lack of good Wi-Fi? Writers Block?

They’re many shaa but since everyone is blaming President Buhari for their predicament, hehe, we can as well pass this blame unto him too. It won’t make any difference 😈.

That reminds me! Hope you all have collected your Permanent Voters Cards, PVCs for short because we really need to be participate in governance. Elections are around the corner and whether we’re “changing the change”, continuing with this change that hasn’t changed the change it promised to change (wow, that’s so many changes in one sentence) or supporting the #NotTooYoungToRun movement,, we need to get our PVCs.

You see, my body is already on fire 🔥 to start rolling out some hot gist but let’s take things jejely and be excited as I am!

Did I also forget to tell you my progress in politics? I will be contesting for the Office of the Secretary General in the forthcoming Students Union Government elections in my school and whoa, the pressure has been much, but I hope to scale through the hurdles and emerge winner with smart work (not just hard work) and the grace of God.

While you sip your coffee 🍵 as I draft some interesting blog posts, don’t forget to fuel your fire with these interesting and ever refreshing posts I have handpicked for you. Enjoy.

1. Kick Starting 2018: How to Begin The New Year

It’s almost the middle of the year. Na wa o, just yesterday that the new year started? Well, it’s true what they say – time waits for no man (or woman, just in case there are some feminists reading)… Read this post to help you evaluate how much you have really achieved.

Follow the link 🔗 – https://frandela.com/beginning-the-new-year-2018/

2. Your Virginity or College Admission, which would you rather lose?

This post generated quite some reaction, more than I expected the night I published it. It simply meant many people could relate to this. Feel free to read, enjoy the story and let us hear your own opinion.

Follow the link 🔗 – https://frandela.com/your-virginity-or-college-admission/

3. Nigerian Parents, Youths and Relationships

LOL. This one never gets old. I read this over and over and every single time, it amused me. It’s the reality of this. The comments section blew me away too 😂. If you’re going to read this one, please ensure you share your own experience 🙏

Follow the link 🔗 – https://frandela.com/nigerian-parents-youth-and-relationships/

See you around guys!



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