On my way back from school today, I got on a bus – tired and sleepy. I needed to keep myself awake so I decided to take a virtual journey down my Facebook feed and alas! 😱 I saw blood! 

I saw the blood of a seven year old child scattered all over his face. His left eye shut and barely able to see. His blood mixed with sweat and most likely fuel or some other inflammable substance someone must have poured on him. His face was so pale and his green shirt 👕 completely drenched in the mixture that was to bring him to breathe his last – his blood, sweat, tears and fuel. I almost shed tears. His own death stared him in the face!

What could have been his offence? He stole. Stole what? A phone 📱; others say Garri!  Whichever it is.  A hungry 7-year old stole garri/phone and the best thing was to kill him! True, theft is such a terrible thing but would killing him cleanse the stolen item, sanctify the mind of the owner of the item or serve as a deterrent to others? Obviously not.

This is, now was because he’s dead and spirit wandering, a boy whose mother had carried in her womb for over 36 weeks without the help of anyone, gone through labour amidst its excruciating pains, weathered the storm to raise the child through his early years, protecting him from the harsh elements and trying to provide for his basic needs for over seven years of the boy’s life and then some wicked, annoying, stone-hearted, evil people set him ablaze! Everything that was toiled for, rubbished in the mud! A possible leader of his country, a future father to a child, a future guardian to his wards and a door to a generation shut, slammed, locked and keys thrown in the ocean with no possibility of coming back. His life, wasted! How cruel!

I’m short of words…

Going through my timeline on Twitter too, I saw a similar story I’d like to share. @BrianJDennis shared the story of his cousin who would have suffered the same fate if not for the intervention of God.

In 2012, my cousin took his mum to the market and waited at the car park for her to finish shopping. While waiting, a guy came to the car park. He (the guy) greeted him and he responded. The guy was in a chatty mood. 

He leaned against an SUV parked beside my cousins car. He claimed he drove his aunt to the market too and was waiting for her to finish shopping. It didn’t seem like anything was sinister.  They had a short chat about football and stuff, then the young man entered the SUV and came out with two phones 📱 📱. 

He resumed chatting with my cousin and said he was going to get a drink outside the car park. At that moment, two women approached them. The first woman grabbed the stranger and began to scream “thief o! thief o!” My cousin was still standing there in shock.

The guy fled the woman’s grip and abandoned his shirt in her hand as he ran. The other woman grabbed my cousin and kept shouting.

As it would seem, they were the owners of the SUV the guy had taken the phones from and he was no driver. 

To cut the story short, a small crowd had gathered and they had already started beating him and throwing punches at him. His mother came back and didn’t find her son where she had left him only to see an angry crowd beating him to pulp. She shouted he was her son and they should leave him alone all to no avail. It took the effort of a group of soldiers in a patrol van to stop them.

They asked the mob what he did,  they said he stole. What did he steal? A phone. Where is the phone? No answer.

He was hospitalized for more than three weeks and went into coma at some point. Now tell me, where really is the justice in this act where human beings have decided to turn themselves into wild animals living in the jungle.

The only thing we can do is blame our leaders when our own actions are killing us. Pathetic.

What would you have done in such a situation?


  1. Nigeria is a jungle in itself….man is foolish especially blacks…we don’t think before we act……….this nonsense can’t happen in the Western world……

  2. This just shows a lot of people are ignorant,uneducated and backward.What kind of social good and satisfaction does such savagery and inhumane act give the people biko??the whole idea of the law is to stop people from resulting in self help .The law has come as a rational instrument to bring justice and has already prescribed it’s rules. While can’t people leave the law to take its place rather than make subjective arbitrary decisions that are rather harmful..this is so wrong ,this child would have been left to face the law no matter how hurt the people are.smh!


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