I won’t miss the opportunity to say a very big Happy New Year to you! Consider it a blessing to be able so step into another journey of 12 months. We should forever be grateful for life! #Impact2019. We Move✌🏽.

One question; do you really think you can make 2019 any different from 2018 without making changes to your life financially, spiritually, emotionally and otherwise? Neh.

2018 was a very eventful year for me. I had set goals, although I was unable to accomplish a few of them, I grew a lot in other areas. I started off by reviewing a lot of friendships, I put in a lot of effort to startup a business team which is making progress, I went back to debating and public speaking and the peak was winning the SUG elections in the University after so many challenges.

I didn’t make much progress as regards blogging but I made sure to put that time to good use, earning extra income from freelancing, web designs and more. It’s another year to make progress.


I remember the blog I wrote on the 31st of December, 2017 titled Kick-starting 2018: How To Begin The New Year. I personally took every advice on there seriously and I saw amazing improvements in my life, especially financially.

It’s another year and I can assure you that every single point in the blog post is still relevant today. Make sure you go through that post if you haven’t. Click here to see the post. It’s a new year today and I’ll be sharing an open secret concerning my finances that saw me through 2018. Shall we?

This year, I’ll share three important ways I improved my financial situation. This blog post is one of the three; you’d have to stay connected to the blog for updates by using the subscription form at the bottom of the page (if you’re using a mobile device) or at the right side of the page (if you’re using a desktop or laptop).

Little drops that make an Ocean

Sometime last year, I stumbled upon this amazing savings platform called PiggyBank. Like the name implies, it’s an actual bank, but a bank with a difference that gives you everything and even more your regular bank won’t give you for FREE.

Yes, when I mean for free, it’s absolutely free. You do not need to pay a dime to start up. You can sign up by clicking here. (You get N500 for free for a start).

Within a few weeks, I saw that all the little monies I spent carelessly buying airtime, snacks when I’m bored and spare change I often left after spending could actually become thousands of naira that could be used for something more important. I grew from having N3000 🙂 to N10,000 😁, N50,000 😀 and more 😉 in savings. Yes, when I mean higher, the figure you have in your head right now was probably what I had at that time. 😊

If you’re excited already, which I think you should because you’re about to start a journey you would never regret, and you want to sign up immediately, you can get N500 free by using this link to sign up: https://goo.gl/PH8fmb

What would be required to start?

The first thing I did was to sign up. Signing up requires the following:

1. A phone number

2. A working email address and

3. A bank account with an ATM card where your savings can be deposited from (to PiggyBank) and withdrawn to. When you have these, you’re good to go.

I personally started off by saving N100 compulsorily everyday by using the autosave feature on PiggyBank so that at a particular time I set, it automatically deducts the amount from my bank account and deposits it in my PiggyBank. There are no charges applied; it’s free.

You could decide to save between N50 – N25,000 daily, N1000 to N100,000 weekly or N3000 to N500,000 monthly.

If at any point you feel like you do not have enough in your bank account to autosave, you can simply login to the app or website and turn off the autosave feature; to resume whenever you want.

Last year, whenever I received payment from any of my side hustle or my monthly allowance, I always made sure to set aside some money immediately. I would simply login to my PiggyBank, click on Quick Save, input the amount of money I wished to deposit and it automatically takes it from my bank account.

How does it really help you save?

The beauty of this platform is that there are only four withdrawal days in a year. Yes, only four days. …but does this mean you can’t withdraw your own money anytime you desire? Absolutely not.

You can withdraw your money at anytime. The only catch is, if you’re withdrawing on any day that is not a withdrawal day, you will be charged a 5% breaking fee. Your withdrawn amount is deposited in your bank account.

It is a combination of simplicity, discipline, convenience, and flexibility to enable you to manage your finances better and achieve financial freedom.

How safe is PiggyBank? Is your money safe?

Whenever it comes to money, and anything that has to do with my bank account, I apply top caution especially with the rate of fraud these days. I had to do some careful research before finally deciding to put my money here.

They’re registered with two microfinance banks since they began operation in 2016 and have recently acquired a Microfinance bank (Gold Microfinance Bank LTD) and its license.

The platform is also integrated with Paystack payment processor which is PCIDSS-compliant therefore your credit card details are absolutely safe.

They also have a head office in Lagos (16, Boyle Street, Onikan, Lagos Island). They’re very accessible physically, via email, phone number and social media platforms, especially Twitter. I’ve had to interact with them on Twitter and received prompt responses.

Does this mean you just keep your money there without interests?

Nope. You want interests? You get interests. Interests are usually paid monthly. 10% per annum, and you even get 12.5% upfront when you Safelock your money. There’s also the Target Savings where you get 10% interest.

My best feature, the Safelock.

Truth be told, everyone has bills to pay so sometimes, we get tempted to spend money we’ve saved. A few times, I’ve even had to withdraw from my PiggyBank savings and damned the 5% breaking fee with the “if we die, we die” mentality.

That’s why the Safelock option is best for me. When you put some money in the safelock, you cannot withdraw it at alllll until the very day you set for withdrawal before it’ll be available for you. Sometime last year, I put in some money in the safelock setting the release date to 1st of January, 2019. That money wasn’t released till the New Year. Now, I have little to start off the New Year.

The good thing is that my interest was paid upfront, so I used that before now. Are you convinced already? Sign up by clicking here or copy and paste this link in your browser: https://goo.gl/PH8fmb

If you choose to download the app from your Appstore before signing up, use my number 08165148492 as referral to get your N500!

Note, if you don’t input the phone number, you won’t get the bonus N500 but you can still use your platform as usual!

You know what’s even more interesting, when you save, you earn Piggy points that can be converted to money too! 💰And every Piggy Point is N10. Imagine when you have 555 points? 😁

Well, I’m not a stingy person that’s why I’ve decided to share this with you. We can all share in the blessings of 2019 together. I’ll be sharing more secrets over the next few weeks so subscribe.

One of them is how I get back the money my bank charges me for SMS monthly 😂. And it is absolutely legal!

If you would want more details, step-by-step procedures for using the PiggyBank after signing up, comment “interested” below and I’ll make sure to send you the link as soon as it’s available.

Do you have any questions? Leave a comment below and I’ll reply. If you find this useful, you may also leave a comment.

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Click me to sign up and get your N500 free.

#Impact2019. We Move ✌🏾.



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