Hey everyone! It’s been a really long while and am so sorry I have been MIA..

I have the weirdest headings for my write-ups and I absolutely don’t know why but one thing am sure about is things don’t just pop up in my head for no significant reason!

‘Help is coming’.  Am sure someone  is wondering  ‘Who is in trouble? What help? Help for what? All these and many more are what I expect to run through your minds. Well it might interest you to know am talking about the God kinda help; the type that sweeps you off your feet; that makes you speechless; the type people call TESTIMONIES or MIRACLES!

You know those moments when you’ve thought of giving up, the times you really wish the earth could open up to swallow you; the times when no one was there for you, the times when you prayed and then it just seemed like God was on vacation or God doesn’t exist just like an atheist would say. Yea these are the moments am talking about when I say help is coming.

Few days back, I was really stressed and hadn’t had time to communicate with God well enough. I was stressed, angry, bitter for reasons I didn’t know. Well, I had a few reasons to be bitter but then I knew I was on the verge of giving up; I had totally almost lost it .

Beyond the smile everyone saw, there was a dying girl within. I knew within me that I needed some hours with God alone. I decided to have some time with Him neglecting all I had to do that morning. I just needed to talk to Him, tell him everything, about those who had got me pissed, about how I reacted, about how weak I was and how I was considering giving up.

Listening to my playlists of songs and just telling Him about everything and expecting a list on all the things I should do to avoid such occurrences, all He said was ‘my grace is sufficient Sope’. Me am like haba now God, gimme a manual instruction; but my spirit keeps leading me to Michael Smith’s song ‘grace’ which I downloaded some days back.

Now thinking about it, all I can say is God is a mystery worker and has a high sense of humour. How else could I have downloaded the song and needed the song just two days after if not that God knew I was just going to need it? That was all the help I needed, knowing that his grace is sufficient for me!

Through this week, all I have seen are messages talking about help being on the way, about not loosing hope and all. Some may choose to call it coincidence but I beg to differ. I simply see God’s  hand in those messages Like someone would just hit me up saying ‘Sope, God is in control’ randomly without discussing anything! I concluded even when things become tougher, when it seems like God isn’t there, when things become worse, am holding on ‘cos HELP IS ON THE WAY!

Am sure this blog post is to encourage someone; someone who just feels like its time to give up, someone who is about to commit suicide, someone who is about to drop out, someone whose finances are low, someone whose marriage is getting tough, just hold on.


Small girl with a BIG God ☺


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