OK, I’m an African man. I’d naturally be expected to be biased in this piece because it’s no longer news that African men have a flare for a huge and nicely shaped behind but I will try my utmost best to treat this topic as objectively as possible.

While growing up, I heard the best way to get to a man’s heart is serving him a mouth watery dish and you will have him at your beck and call but you know, change is the only constant thing. Our hearts have metamorphosed and changed with recent trends.
The chances of a curvaceous woman reaching and grabbing the heart of an African man has skyrocketed recently. With a massive behind, you are sure to win the heart and head of most African men. The swaying of the buttocks seems to have an hypnotic and confusing effect on the men as you can have them drooling over you, fall for you hook, line and sinker and ready to dance to your whims and caprices.

Yes, a nice African dish can make the man to start nursing the idea of marrying you. After a hectic day, you might end up calming his nerves and filling his stomach with your tasty dish and this, really, has a long way to go in securing a man or sustaining your marriage if you are already married but a nice behind can also work the magic.

You see, while good food basically appeals to our sense of taste, a nice behind appeals to every sense and nerve on the body of a man. It sends jitters and electric feeling down his spine at the mere sight of this natural endowment. Women, knowing fully well the magic they can perform with those have gone as far as having implants just to make sure that it’s more appealing to the eyes; but we know our African women are just naturally blessed now.

I’m not saying a woman who has a big behind is more valuable to us men than a woman who can cook good food. I’m only of the opinion that times are changing and soon this might become the case.

Now women who are not very blessed downstairs will not agree with this. Am I insinuating that they will not be able to keep a man because they are not ‘bombardically carried’ downstairs? No! I’ve seen men who are of the opinion that they cannot marry a girl who does not know how to cook as if marriage revolves round their belly. Some  argue that they can never marry a woman without watermelon looking busts or in most cases onion looking booties but they are wrong, they are all wrong.

There is something in every woman that will never go out of fashion and that is their HEARTS. It’s actually in both sexes but I will be focusing more on the female folks in this piece.

A beautiful heart is much more valuable than the best food in the whole world. A beautiful heart is more seductive, alluring, hypnotic and mesmerizing than the roundest, firmest and well shaped behind we’ve seen. A beautiful heart can turn a man into a zombie.
Men at first are naturally attracted to a woman’s physical endowment but soon it fizzles out and you need a beautiful heart to keep him.
Most women these days are so carried away by their physical beauty that they think that is all they need to keep a man. We love intimacy, but c’mon, we have sense nowwww. Your beauty and cooking prowess is just an added advantage and really of little significance.
For those men who still have the mentality that a woman’s proficiency in cooking automatically makes her a good wife, please our orientation really has to change. Be with a woman that gives you all round satisfaction.

So please, my ladies, as you sway your massive, colossal behinds rendering men confused and driving them into a ‘zombistic’ mode, work on your hearts.

And to the men, choose wisely.


  1. Hi,
    This is an amazing piece. You are doing great. I would have loved to see more attention paid to what beauty a woman’s good heart can bring to any marriage and specifically to the spouse’s life.

    Keep going guys


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