Let’s answer this question once and for all.

Think of the four biggest brands you know of today.

Add the next four medium brands you have had to buy from or make use of their services in the last one month.

Do they have websites or not?

I bet they do.

There may be many reasons why you think your brand doesn’t need a website but let’s cut the long talk and get straight to why you need one.



– Absolutely no-one wants to risk losing money.

If you heard of a brand for the first time today, the first question you would ask, consciously or unconsciously would be – “are they trustworthy?” This would go a long way to determine if you would patronize such business or not. A study says a website influences 75% of a customer’s purchasing decision.

Do they have a website your prospective clients can lookup? Having a website goes a long way to determine the trust level for your business to prospective customers. A good website that leaves a good first impression would most likely convert to sales for you.



 – Are you following the trend?

Take it or leave it, nothing is hardly online these days. You can literally search and find almost anything you need online – a product or service, legal or illegal, household or industrial.

As much as traditional methods are still somewhat effective, your business would suffer if you don’t adjust with the trend. Everyone is searching online for a product or service these days, even the big brands, so why not you?



    – Best reviews, testimonials, goods and services.

If there’s one thing that convinces others to make a purchase, it’s definitely positive reviews from past clients. You need to get people to put in a word or two about how good your product(s) or service(s) is(are)! You never know who may be looking. With your own websites, you get to choose what reviews to have on display – a word from prominent individuals, best-worded testimonials and more. BOOM, one more customer underway.



– Never leave your gold in the hands of others!

We’ve probably heard of that one big influencer on Twitter or Facebook whose account got suspended or “shadow-banned” and all of a sudden has to start building followership right from scratch. This also goes for businesses too as Social Media doesn’t care who you are or what data you have stored up with them (except when it brings them money of course).

So, here’s the safest thing to do – have a website, collect all the necessary data from your customers and have them stored up! Constant communication via email newsletters, text messaging or group communication will put you ahead of others while having full control of your consumer data.



– It all takes proper utilization.

There are a lot of platforms out there that offer you services at ridiculous prices for things you could actually get done for far less the cost and as effectively on your website!

Why pay $70 to create one landing page with extra features when you could easily pay for your own hosting plan, domain and create as many landing pages as you want?

With the right strategies and content, you can convert every potential visitor into sales.

If you have decided to get a website, which you should, you could have several other questions such as what it would cost, what platforms to implement, how to drive sales and more.

Let me save you the stress of having to look everywhere for all these.

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