I feel like I can destroy my keyboard right now cause I’m so excited and typing super fast!!! To be honest, I do not know why in particular but I feel like I’m going to explode with happiness right now. Phew! Ok, I really need to calm down so I don’t end up typing all the grammatical and typographical errors in the world simply because my excitement won’t allow me to proofread this post before hitting the publish button. 😆

Guys, it’s my birthday today and I just turned 20! 🙈 This is going to be a shocker to a whole lot of people I know. I look like I’m over 27 because of my height, big head and body build but I’m actually 20. To all those who have been asking, now you know 😋. P.S. I have the brains of a much older adult. If you doubt it, no wahala, argue with your ancestors.

Today is officially the beginning of a new year for me. I’m so eager to get into 2018, not just because it’s going to be an amazing year for me but I can’t wait for this year to come to an end! In summary, 2017 has been my worst year! 😢 Mehn, too many things got messed up but hey, there’s always a blessing in disguise you know 😉

So I want to do a short summary of my journey this year and thank God for His mercies. He’s been so faithful and I can’t deal! 😇 Shall we?


Highlight 1: I Lost Over N300,000 Worth of Cash.

I Lost Over N300,000 Worth of Cash Click To Tweet

Yes, I actually did and every time I remember this, I feel like I’m going to cry 😢. I’m still not over it. It all started when I got a writing contract job with one Bernard Rogers guy for whom I was to write a number of articles and then get paid. I started the job in December 2016 and finished on exactly the 13th of March 2017. I got really excited as it was one of my biggest writing jobs ever. To cut the story short, on my payday, exactly after the very last job of 3000 words, Bernard went offline. Skype, offline. Email, not available. Upwork platform, invisible. My heart ♥ stopped beating for a moment.

This was exactly how I felt when I discovered I had been scammed.

After two days, it dawned on me that I had just been scammed. I checked the internet and found about 15 out of a total of 49 articles on blogs and websites on the internet! I contacted FBI, Google, Site administrators, Private Investigators and even a Nigerian lawyer who was quite knowledgeable about stuff like this. After many weeks, no show. I moved on but I’m still recovering. If you know anyone who can help out, please contact me.

Highlight 2: I Became My Faculty PRO, and entered One Chance 😒

This one was just something else. From my first day on campus as a fresher, I already decided I’d be a student-leader. This saw to my being elected as the Faculty Representative of the first year students in my faculty the very first day I stepped into the lecture hall 😂. A story for another day. Fast forward to year 2.

I contested in the faculty elections to become the Public Relations Officer (PRO). I chose this because I wanted to improve information dissemination in the faculty, and I mapped out ways to do this. I won.

The administration started and moved on smoothly or so I thought. One day, I started hearing rumours that things were happening o, and money was involved. I did my own investigation and discovered it was true. Like play like play, when it came to the public domain, over N400,000 was missing from the association’s purse 🏦!!!  But how na?

An investigation panel was set up to look into the matter and everyone in the Executive arm and Parliamentary arm was questioned. It was a direct directive from the Vice-Chancellor that investigations be carried out. Everything was getting so messy that the committee that was setup shared the missing funds among all the leaders to pay in three days from that day. 😂

I told myself it will never happen. I stood up, informed the committee chairman and other members of staff that I would never bring out N1 to pay for money that I didn’t take. What nonsense were they talking? On the spot, they threatened my admission!!! 🙆

I maintained my stand. And as God would have it, I was vindicated. He never fails his children. I never took 1 kobo from the association’s purse. I actually spent my own money for the good of the association. All those involved were made to cough out the money. Case closed.

Can someone please help tell the devil he is a liar? Hehehe. You got played 😈


Highlight 3: The Pickpocket Experience, My Worst Ever 😭

The Pickpocket Experience, My Worst Ever 😭 Click To Tweet

My friends, if there’s one advice I would give you right now, it will be for you to appreciate everything you have and pray you don’t lose the things most important to you. I know this because it’s not easy to use two Nokia Torchlight phones, upgrade to an expensive smartphone 📱 and go back again to a low-grade phone. I cancel every spirit of backwardness in your life! And my life too 😁

That Sunday afternoon, I came back from church ⛪, settled down in the hostel and left again to accomplish some task in town. I took a shuttle bus 🚌 from the campus, paid my fares and alighted at my bus stop. I took another bus that would take me to where I was going.

I had a single strap bag on me and my Infinix Note 3 that I had just acquired that cost over N60,000 at that time. This phone was not even up to 7 months old. The essence of getting the phone in the first place was to make so much money to cover the cost and other expenses.

There was this fine boy sitting beside me that kept his cool from the beginning of the journey till the end. All the while, I thought my phone was in my bag which I kept on my laps. I never knew that it had been stolen from my pocket in the tight bus by the fine boy. I got to my junction and alighted from the bus, about 200 meters away from the final bus stop. I checked my pocket a minute and 30 seconds later, no phone. My heart stopped beating.  I checked my bag, no phone. I didn’t know if to start crying or shouting.

I ran like a madman after the bus and got to the bus stop. Olboy, the bus was empty. Luckily for me, four hours later, I called the cell phone for the 100th time and it was on!

I quickly borrowed a friend’s phone, started tracking the location. Found the approximate location and needed about 40 more seconds to get the exact location. See me jumping for joy and boiling with anger at the same time. After 30 seconds elapsed, my friend’s battery died, my stolen phone was formatted.

My God! I fell sick for a whole week and couldn’t attend lectures. 😢

Kuku kill me, lemme just die!!! 😢 😪


Highlight 4: Frandela Blog Upgrade and Award For The Most Unserious Blogger of the Year 😝

I wouldn’t have done this without the help if everyone who believes in the Frandela dream. This year, I upgraded the blog from frandela.wordpress.com to a self-hosted blog Frandela.com!!! Another exciting thing – I designed the blog myself, testing my WordPress development skills here and there.

This was on the 27th of October this year. I got very serious about blogging and stuff, one month and a half today, I give myself the Worst Blogger of The Year award! I have failed to keep up!

I’m trying again. And I will overcome.

Important notice: Many things will be happening behind the scene and only those who are registered on the blog will have access to them. In fact, I’m seriously considering giveaways as my birthday present to lucky winners and to appreciate all my followers! If you are not yet registered,  click here immediately!

I’m stopping here for today. More highlights and lessons learnt from 2017 will be shared on the blog. Register Now to stay tuned. Follow the social media pages @frandelablog on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

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I’m tired already but heyyyyy let’s not forget the main issue here! It’s my birthday!!!

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Love Y’all! 😎



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