The New Year 2018 is here! Yayyy! We have to be grateful for it. It is another clean 365 days for amazing things to happen, that is if we make them. As many as the days seem, as far as the end of the new year is and as excited as we are to be in it, it won’t last long.

As many as the days seem, as far as the end of the new year is and as excited as we are to be in it, it won't last long - Francis Ihejirika (@francis_ihe) Click To Tweet

Shocked? Truly it won’t last. Remember that saying “time waits for no man”? It truly doesn’t. The clock will continue to tick and won’t care if you make good use of it or not; the irony is that this same “time” will be the one to tell how well we managed it.

In life, there is no manual to dictate how best to live our lives; we all have several experiences, face dissimilar challenges, fight for distinct goals, meet different people and have various privileges,  nevertheless, the same principles have to be followed to achieve greatness. I have outlined some points to help us begin the new year on the right foot.

Make a 2018 Plan

If you miss this, you’ve missed it! Never, ever start off without making a plan. If you study the lives of the most successful people today, you will very well observe that they never fail to plan because failing to plan may not necessarily mean planning to fail but will slow down success a great deal. They set goals and work towards them.

I am a student and at the moment, my education is a priority. I should ask myself, “how best can I improve my grades”? Is there something I’m not doing wrong that I could do right? Something I’m doing right but can do better? After figuring this out, write them down (don’t ignore the writing aspect. I’ll tell you why later).

I have placed focus on these and I recommend that you do too. They are Education, Family, Personal Development, Spirituality and Business. These are paramount at this time of my life and I aim to make the best of them this new year. I have explained all in a short document. Click here to register for access to it as soon as it is ready for download.


Examine Your Relationships

If you have ever sat down to review your friendships with people, you would realize that there are certain people in your life that aren’t really there but are there anyways. Confusing right? I know. I’ll explain.

There are friends in your life who would never call you, send texts, reply your texts until weeks later or even care to offer to help when you are in difficulty. Help in this sense must not necessarily be financial but only words of encouragement or caring to know how life has been treating you. A quick scroll through your contact list and you would understand what I mean. You know what to do? Cut them off!

You should not waste time and resources on people who do not care about your existence but only remember you are there when they need your help. How about fair weather friends? Those who are there only when there is plenty and always seem to disappear when the barn empty? Cut them off!

How about those that only see the negativity in every positive situation? You present them your business ideas, they trash it for no reason; you see an opportunity, they discourage you from taking it because they won’t benefit from it but they only want to spend time gossiping about others making progress. For the last time, cut them off!

You don’t have to tell them. Just set your limits and boundaries and make them stick to it.


Start Saying No And Meaning It

This is very difficult I must confess. There have been many instances in life where I have said no and not stuck to it. There are times I have failed to say no simply because the other party would feel hurt, and in the long run, I get the brunt of it. I have even failed to tell myself no many times!

But recently, I have learnt that your happiness comes first. This is not me being selfish but taking the bull by the horn. When your coursemate invites you to a party that you know would not add value to your life but make you waste money on booze when there’s absolutely no need for it, turn it down, politely. Say NO and don’t give any explanation if you don’t feel the need to.

Sometimes in life, we know the right things to do but that other voice in our head wants us to do the opposite. When this happens, ask yourself what would be the right thing to do? When we hear the wrong voices, say no and stand by it.

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Reach Out, Go Out, Give Out

Many awesome friendships have been forgotten, many strong relationships have been broken and many memories to be made have been trashed because people fail to reach out. Everyone is busy these days and it can be extremely difficult keeping up with school or work and friends, but a simple “Hello. I have been thinking of you. Hope you’re fine?” text can go a long way in the lives of people!

Do not wait until thy kingdom comes before you do this. Who knows, you could be the inspiration your friend needs at that moment. Your text could put an end to a suicide mission of a friend; you never can tell.

Go out. Yes, meet new people, make new friends and impact lives. I’m not saying you should gate crash people’s wedding ceremonies and birthday parties, no. If you do that, you should be bundled back to where you came from. Volunteer for a cause today, reach out to that social media influencer you look up to today. You have nothing to lose and you never can tell where you shall meet your helper.

Give out! Life is not straight; it has never been and it never will be. Some are rich, some are poor, many are struggling and a few are comfortable. Whatever the case may be and wherever you belong – rich or poor – never fail to give out to those who have less than you do. There is someone around you who is unsure of waking up tomorrow because he may die hungry today. Remember that.


Manage Your Finances

Money is good. Spending money makes you feel amazing, earning money legitimately gives you a good sense of responsibility, getting money and keeping it is the difficult part. Read the preceding sentence again before you continue.

There is really no gain in living above your means because you will only end up miserable. It may make you feel good but only for a short period of time. Money is like alcohol – it is intoxicating, satisfying but has the super ability to evaporate easily. Use it wisely.

Money is like alcohol - it is intoxicating, satisfying but has the super ability to evaporate easily - Francis Ihejirika (@francis_ihe) Click To Tweet

I heard of a lady who saved little sums of money every day for 10 months of the year. When she had little without an urgent need for it, she would drop it in her piggy bank and forget it there. She did this diligently. At the end of the 10 months, she had saved a whooping sum of N143,000. She was 22 years old.

You may not necessarily have access to so much money to save but the point is, cut down on expenses, save more. You will be happy you did.


Be More Spiritual. Pray!

I cannot overemphasize this. Many atheists and non-spiritual readers may want to argue the place of God in your life, simply because “He doesn’t exist”, to them. Nevertheless, they agree that there are certain things that we have no control over, these they refer to as coincidences. Fine, coincidences they are.

I personally believe in miracles. There have been times where it seemed like the end of the road for me but a short prayer turns everything to work in my favour. Every day, I try to draw closer to my creator and you should too. There’s so much gain in doing so. Let your life reflect the ways of God for others to see and follow.

In conclusion, learn new things, work smarter, be diligent and pray. You will definitely achieve your goals. I will be sharing a more in-depth article on making a plan. Click here to access it.

If you have been inspired or learnt a thing or two from this blog post, please do not hesitate to share with your friends and family. Share some more tips for 2018, words of encouragement or more using the comment box below.

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