I was seven when my little sister who was five years of age had just returned from the United States to our home country in Africa. We had gone out to play when she suddenly screamed “snake!”, “Snake!” I laughed and only told her it was a little earth worm burrowing its way into the soil. She was relieved. She then asked if it could bite. I replied in the affirmative, “but you could bump into it another day and you will get bitten by it”. Whether or not it did bite, I was not certain but she resolved not to kill it. I finally said, “You could choose to kill it today or do nothing about it, either way, you have just made a choice; a choice will either make you laugh or cry someday”.

For one reason or the other, I have had to encounter different ladies of various tribes who got pregnant unexpectedly; all of whom I had schooled with at one point or the other in my quest for knowledge. I had the privilege to chat with them on what it feels like to expect a baby. In general, and as expected, their replies were not positive ones. They had only gone on an adventure into the world of men only to be met with the burden of conceiving babies. It was all a “mistake”. “Who would accept me now?” “How would I own up to my parents?” “How would the world perceive me?”, they had thought to themselves.

Interestingly, only three had their babies, two others aborted theirs and Martha, the last of the six, lost her life in the process of removing the fetus. Martha’s death came as a shock to me because she was born into a wealthy and prestigious family; of which she could have just told her mum and before the snap of fingers, would be flown to another continent to have her baby, continue with her education and no one would ever have known what happened; but no.

The fear of living with the consequences of her own mistake led her to committing an abortion that took her own life. The rich, beautiful and intelligent Martha was gone. She made a choice; one that is regrettable. Can you imagine how many other Martha’s are out there today? Whose life is next in line to be taken by the cold hands of death through abortion?

In my short life on earth, I have come to realize that the fear of living with the consequences of our own mistakes lead us to either justifying them, lying we were not wrong in making the wrong choices so much that we even begin to believe that lie ourselves; or taking steps to making sure we evade the consequences at whatever cost. We have all been in that shoe at one point in our lives or the other. Only a few of us accept our mistakes, learn the lessons that follow and move on with life much wiser than we were.

Hold on, I am not one to turn blind eyes and deaf ears to the pain of having to choose between keeping a baby or not but my only justification to abortion is if the life of the mother is threatened trying to have the child. If I were to choose, I would save the mother’s life. My point is, it is much better the baby lives and is given out to couples that would appreciate them rather than take the life of the child altogether!

So the next time anyone tries to justify aborting a child who could have as well grown up to  become the next president of America, I would ask them: if you were aborted long before you knew whom you grew to become, would you have had a chance to live or a choice to life at all?

Murder is the deliberate act of taking the life of another and a life is formed when sperm meets egg and a fetus is formed.

In conclusion, abortion is murder; a choice to be made by the mother.



  1. Well! Looking at it from legal perspective, it’s not murder nor is it infanticide. To the law, only an independent body can be murdered that is to say, only a person that is capable of surviving alone can be murdered. An unborn child can’t survive except he is being given birth to. So technically speaking, it’s not murder. Morally, morality is a relative concept, so to each his or her cross to bear .


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