This is a summary of my recent meeting with the president of our great country together with some of his close aides and what he promised the youths…

The previous day was a very busy day for me at school because I received very long boring lectures; and after my exasperating chemistry practical I decided to head straight home with only my bed in my mind’s view. I just wanted to sleep.

I got home to meet my family members who were behaving quite weird, especially my younger brother who kept casting surreptitious glances at me with a smirk on his face but I wasn’t in the mood to start asking questions. All I knew was there was a surprise or something of that sort.

I sat at the dining table, half asleep waiting for my food to arrive. Immediately I got served hot yams with veg, I emptied my plate in a matter of minutes. I achieved a great feat that night – finishing my meal in record time considering how steaming hot it was but kept swallowing the balls of food as though I had a cooler in my mouth. They all laughed at me but my brain was too weak to record the words they muttered. I stood up to leave.

As soon as I took two steps away from the dining table, the urge to fall into bed became extreme; in fact, I was already sleep walking. That was when daddy announced the surprise!

Nono, I finally got the tickets! They are for the... ” but before he could finish, I was already in my room, on my bed and black out. I had reached the ninth cloud.


I looked myself in the mirror and thought to myself “you look so hot even the president’s daughter wouldn’t get her eyes off you“. Then with a swift turn, walked away from the mirror like a classic man with a straight face like Jidenna’s.  I picked up my briefcase and off I went.

The driver dropped me off at the airport which was just a 30 minutes drive from our apartment. The flight was in an hour so I just checked in and waited for the speaker to boom, announcing that passengers should board the plane.

We touched down 40 minutes later and two sleek black BMW cars waited at the arrivals for me. A young man walked up to me to collect my briefcase and off we went on top speed and sirens blaring.

We arrived at the Presidential Villa shortly and stopped for a security check. We moved on and I had a peek out of my window. Lo and behold, there stood the president with members of his first family, the vice president, the Senate president and a few others.

I alighted from the car and walked up straight to the president, taking in my palms his already outstretched arm. We exchanged pleasantries and this followed for the other dignitaries in like manner. The president’s first daughter must have thought of me as hot as I thought I was, and without minding, gave me a hug that lasted for longer than normal. This was weird but I guess she just couldn’t help it as my Bulgaria Aqua perfume which I sprayed always did same magic with other ladies.

We moved on to the conference room, had a brief meeting that lasted for roughly an hour to discuss matters that center on the youths and off we were into the main building to have lunch.

Shortly afterwards, we all gathered in another conference room just adjacent to the hall we exited. Surprisingly, the president announced that he was giving me a parting gift of 4 million naira and also made a huge commitment to support the undergraduate youths in every way he could which includes but not limited to approval of special funds for all undergraduates.

One of his aides wrote me a check and just as he was about to present it to me when my phone rang. The volume was too loud I just had to reach for the phone then it stopped.

All of a sudden, my vision became hazy and I began to feel uncomfortable. I unlocked my phone to see a missed call and a message. I opened the message and it read:

Parents and undergraduates can now smile. President Buhari has approved the payment of N20,000 monthly allowance to all undergraduates, unemployed graduates and youths within the ages of 18-30 years. This will take effect from next month. 
To get more prophetic quotes, text “AMEN” to 32120 for 50naira/week…”

My vision became clearer and I realized my whole body was soaked in sweat because power supply had been interrupted and it was only a dream. I muttered “nonsense” under my breath.

Just then, my brother walked into my room and said, “Nono, daddy said you should get ready. We’re traveling to the village for an important family meeting. The plane tickets are on the table.

It was 5:20a.m.


  1. Along the line, it really felt so real.
    My brain had already created visual effects of how everything was, but i was smart to figure it out quickly.
    What a very wonderful article, keep writing.

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