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FRANDELA is a one stock shop for every youth. We are a family bound by love and unity in our diversity on matters relating to love and relationship, life, entertainment, religion and more! Here, we have open and interesting conversations on any and everything. Do not miss the opportunity to join the family. To join, click here!

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About Us

Frandela is all about inspiring, motivating and supporting every youth to attain a level higher than your current one, not only to positively affect the world, but also to lift others up as you climb up the ladder of success with the principles and tips we share in our self-improvement and blogging tips categories. We aim to create a highly saturated community of people who affect one another  in ways you never imagined!

From relationship articles educating teens on the best way to love and sustain a healthy relationship to opinion segment that often times spark debates on controversial topics and more. We have lots and lots of stories to share, fictional and non-fictional alike, to take you to a point of vintage that you might never have attained.

Youths differ, yes, those who wish to throw Tantrums on issues concerning governance, the erudite scholars who only with to improve their knowledge and challenge ideas, the explorers that want to know what lies beneath the depths of life’s oceans to finding out what holds the earth in existence and there are the literary gifted ones that turn words into thoughts and actions. For everyone, there’s always a pie available. And who says we do not cater for the religious ones too? Of course we do.

Just in case you are in doubt, see our categories below! Each click takes you to a whole new world; and trust me, you do not want to miss out on all the adventure…

Before you do that, you might as well want to meet our team and awesome contributors! We love to tell it every time we have the opportunity. If not, the blogosphere is yours! Explore…

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